A Fathers Job Is Never Done

A mother s work is never done

Is Being A Good Father Easy?

Last Updated: May 6, 2021 Approved Nobody said being a good father was easy. No matter what age your child is or how many children you have, you have to know that a father’s work is never done. To be a good father, you have to be present, be a good disciplinarian and role model, and be sympathetic to your children’s needs without being a pushover.

Is It My Child's Job To Be Another Version Of Me?

It’s not your children’s job to be another version of you, an improvement on you or your father, or anything like that. They are their own persons and will develop their own personalities, interests, desires, and dreams.

How Should A Father Act In Front Of His Children?

You should act in a way that is admirable, honest, and consistent so that your children see that you’re a model father and a person worthy of their admiration. Your children shouldn’t worship you and think you’re perfect — they should see that you’re only human and want to do well by them.

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How Do I Get My Kids To Respect Me As A Father?

Respect is earned, not given, and you should do what you can so that your children respect you as a father. If you’re not around a lot, yell at their mother, or are only occasionally in the mood to discipline them, then they won’t respect you just because you’re their father.

How To Teach Kids To Be Respectful To Their Parents?

So being a good role model of respecting everyone, including the child, is a good way to teach kids how to be respectful to others, including their parents. My parents don’t respect me.

Is It Normal For A Child To Not Respect Parents?

The truth is, many kids don’t automatically respect their parents. Indeed, it’s pretty normal that your teen thinks they know far more than you; that’s one of the pitfalls of adolescence. Pretty much every teen thinks they’re smarter and more in tune than their parents. So here’s the thing: you can’t make someone respect you.

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Can A Father Love His Kids And Respect Them?

But when a father allows disrespect and bitterness to flourish and never hides this from his kids, they will never be able to love and respect him. This should be reciprocal and it is an essential element in responsible fatherhood.

What To Do If Your Child’s Father Disrespects You?

If you continuously feel disrespected by your child’s father then do not allow yourself to be put into a situation where he disrespects you. Block his number if you have to and only communicate via email or only communicate via text. Allow him to pick the child up at your relatives’ house, when you are not there.

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