Baby Learning To Walk On Hardwood Floors

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Baby Learning To Walk On Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are made from one of the most beautiful and natural materials that you can bring into your home. But hardwood’s slippery nature can cause severe injuries to baby learning to walk on hardwood floors and also to get baby walker that won’t scratch wood floors is a common concern among parents today.

How Do Babies Learn To Walk?

Babies get a lot of information from their feet when they’re learning to walk. They feel the texture of different surfaces — hardwood, carpet, grass — and their brain adjusts the way their muscles and joints act accordingly.

Do Baby Walkers Help Or Hinder Children From Walking?

A baby walker is not the same thing as a push cart. The American Academy of Pediatrics have reported many cases of baby walkers causing injury to children but more importantly, many experts are saying that the baby walker does not actually help but hinders your child from learning to walk! So don’t make the mistake of buying a baby walker!

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Do Babies Need To Sit Before They Can Walk?

Well, you must sit before you can walk. Basically, this means that your baby needs strong core muscles to support standing and walking. You might even consider having your baby sit on a tiny stool (or bench, foam roller, cube chair) with their feet on the floor (supervised, of course!).

What Are The Best Baby Walkers For Beginners?

This VTech walker is super value for money as you can use it as a toy for your baby even before he or she starts learning to walk. The panel on the front of the walker is removable and plays music, animal sounds, has piano keys and flashing lights.

Video about Baby Learning To Walk On Hardwood Floors

Watch this video of Baby's First Steps On The Floor Holding Father's Hand! Twin Baby Walking! Encouraging Baby To Walk (Duration: 01:08)