Black Castor Oil For Babies

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Black Castor Oil For Babies

Jamaican black castor oil has like a million of uses. For babies that have constipation, you can rub the oil on the baby’s tummy, and gently massage. The hand friction allows the oil to seep in and gently massage the intestines — making it like an external laxative. It works the same way for women recovering from childbirth.

Can Castor Oil Affect Your Baby In Any Way?

Castor oil can be used to massage your baby. It can be used on their tender areas as well. Another great advantage of castor oil is that it promotes hair growth in children. Applying castor oil on to your baby’s scalp will eliminate dry spots on the baby’s scalp and give his hair a nice sheen. Castor oil can also help strengthen the roots …

Is Drinking Castor Oil Bad For The Baby?

This same castor oil can help your baby deal with a gassy, constipated bladder too. But, castor oil can be unsafe for consumption by babies, and hence, a massage would be a safer option. You Will Need A bottle of hexane-free, 100% organic castor oil. How To Do This Warm a few drops of castor oil in a microwave or over the stove.

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Can Castor Oil Hurt The Fetus?

There is other evidence from animal studies and case reports that castor oil can be quite dangerous if taken in early pregnancy for the fetus. However, when researchers have looked at using castor oil at the end of pregnancy at term to induce labor, studies have found that it is effective at inducing labor.

Will Taking Castor Harm An Unborn Baby?

Taking Castor Oil without first consulting with a physician could result in harm to your unborn baby. Due to the extreme nature of the effects of Castor Oil to the mother, it could put stress on the fetus. When the fetus is stressed, fetal heart-rate increases and the anal sphincter relaxes, resulting in the release of meconium.

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