Can Baby Wear Regular Diaper In Pool

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Can Babies Wear Cloth Diapers To Go Swimming?

Parents may wonder if their baby can wear regular cloth or disposable diapers to go swimming, instead of specially designated swim diapers. Most pools, though, in an effort to reduce the risk of spreading recreational water illnesses, specify that swim diapers must be used for little ones in diapers or who are not fully potty trained.

Do Swim Diapers Absorb Pee?

While regular diapers are designed to absorb liquids, swim diapers are made to withstand water while containing solids. We know what you’re thinking, and yep, this means that their pee is likely going to pass through a swim diaper into the water.

Why Don't Regular Diapers Work In The Pool?

The reason regular diapers don’t work well in the pool is because of how they are designed and meant to be used. Most modern disposable diapers use a kind of superabsorbent polymer, commonly sodium polyacrylate.

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Can You Swim With A Newborn With Diarrhea?

That said, swim diapers aren’t necessarily designed to contain diarrhea or liquidy newborn poops, so very young babies and children with diarrhea should not swim in public bodies of water — even with a swim diaper. Bathtubs and kiddie pools are a great way to introduce your newborn to water without potentially infecting the community pool!

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