Fruit Of The Loom Training Pants Canada

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Why Fruit Of The Loom®?

… Fruit of the Loom® offers quality underwear and clothing at an amazing value. Designed for comfort, soft cotton styles are available in multi-packs for men, women, boys and girls. Our Breathable underwear collection for men, women, boys and girls promotes air flow to keep you cool.

What Material Are Fruit Of The Loom Shirts Made From?

Each shirt is made with the best choice of heavy, soft spun or high density cotton. Fruit of the Loom’s legacy ensures to choose the best fabric for each piece, for long-term durability and comfort.

What Are The Best Potty Training Pants For Toddlers?

Fruit of the Loom toddler training pant underwear are the perfect way to get your little one excited about potty training. Our training pants are designed to look just like big kid underwear and will help motivate your child to get potty trained.

How Long Should It Take To Potty Train A Toddler?

The average length it takes toddlers to learn the process is about six months. Girls learn faster, usually completing toilet training two to three months before boys do. Firstborn children also tend to take longer to learn than their younger siblings, who pick up cues from the older kids.