How To Reduce Humidity In Incubator

Incubating and hatching chicken eggs aka hatching 101

How To Reduce Humidity In Incubator

Here are more tips to control the right humidity in the incubator:

  • Replace the water with an ice block if the humidity level is too high when there is water but low when there’s no water.
  • Go for automatic humidity control systems if you don’t like to manually check it from time to time.
  • Don’t open the incubator when the actual hatching for the last 1-2 days.

Does Your Incubator Hold A Steady Temp?

Make sure that your incubator can hold steady to within 2 degree, preferably between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. You will want to make the proper adjustments if your incubator is not holding steady. There may be a problem with the bulbs, the power supply, or the ventilation in the case that temperature is not holding steady.

Video of How To Reduce Humidity In Incubator

View this video about Poultry Farming – Beginner Guide | Dr. Arshad (Duration: 08:21)
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