How To Wean Baby From Being Rocked To Sleep

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How To Wean Baby From Being Rocked To Sleep

How to Wean Your Baby from Rocking to Sleep

  • Cutting Back on the Length of Rocking Time.
  • Put Your Baby in Their Crib Before They Fall Asleep.
  • Create a Relaxing Setting That Promotes Sleep.
  • Keep Track of How Long You Are Rocking Your Baby.
  • The Need to Rock Your Baby Is Not Atypical.
  • Enjoy the Rocking While You Can.

Is It Safe For My Baby To Rock To Sleep?

Rocking is often a fail safe way to get babies off to sleep and certainly not something I would ever recommend avoiding. Many view rocking as a negative ‘sleep prop’ or an ‘unhealthy habit’, however I don’t agree. Babies need to feel safe and secure and they need our help to calm them to a level where it is easy to fall asleep.

Does Weaning Affect Baby’s Sleep?

Simply put, weaning (whether you’re weaning from breastfeeding to a bottle, night weaning, or weaning from formula/breastmilk to milk from a cup) can cause an otherwise great sleeper to wake and fuss more often, and if your baby already struggles with sleep, weaning can make your nights even more sleepless.

When Can I Stop Rocking My Baby To Sleep Without Moving?

If your baby cries (which they probably will) continue to hold them and comfort them in any other way other than rocking (or moving in another way) once the rocking time is up. After a week of point 3 (which is 3 weeks since you first started) you are aiming to reach a stage of just holding your baby to sleep with no movement.

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Will My Baby Grow Out Of The Need For Rocking?

In time all babies will grow out of the need for rocking, the question is whether they outgrow this need before they become too big and heavy for the parent to rock.