I Can T Get Over My Baby Mama

I can t get over my baby mamaKeep that in mind. You need to get custody of that baby and make that your main focus. The child will need the stability that the mother obviously can’t give. You may never completely get over her, but you can use common sense, and past experience, to not fall for what you know is completely immature crap.

I can t get over my ex

I Can T Get Over My Baby Mama

If your man is having trouble breaking away from his baby mama, you have to let him go. Set some boundaries about what kind of behavior is acceptable and if your man crosses the line, take a hard stance. At the same time, you have to find that balance and understand that your man is always going to have a special bond with his baby mama.

How Do I Get Over The Baby Mama Drama?

You’d be surprised at how big of a deal having open communication about these types of things is. If the man can clearly set boundaries and communicates with his new girlfriend openly, much of the baby mama drama goes away. He also has to do the same with the child’s mother.

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Why Would A Man Want To Get Back With His Baby Mama?

He is doing it for the child: A good father wants to be there for his children, so your man may be trying to get back with his baby mama so that his child can have a more stable home environment. He feels an obligation to give his child a warm and positive environment, something that is difficult to do when mother and father are separated.

What Happened To Baby Mama?

Baby mama drama began with the start of civilization- think Abraham from the bible. Sparks were going off between Sara (his wife) and Hagar (baby mama). Abraham couldn’t deal with the drama and finally shipped Hagar off with their child- never to be seen again.

How Can A Father Deal With A Baby Mama?

He has to make it clear to the woman that he is involved with that the relationship with his baby mama is focused strictly on the well-being of his child. He has to also be sure to keep her informed of all of the activities, meetings, conversations or any other direct contact that he may have with the mother of his child.

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