I Told My Son I Hate Him

My brother died recently and i was the only one in the

How Do You Deal With The Kid Haters?

Best to stay single, raise your kid and when your kid is 18, up and out – you can bring all the kid haters in your life home w/o it damaging your kid. I am going through a somewhat similar situation. My son is 7 and my new husband never wants to hang out with us as a family.

Why Does My Dad Hate Me Watching Him Play Football?

He said he hates watching him play football because he’s an awful athlete and nothing will change that. He said he acts like a baby. Basically he hates him. What the hell am I supposed to do now? He’s never mean to him, not even slightly. But now it makes sense as to why he never tried to bond with him.

Is It Possible To Love Your Child And Hate Their Behavior?

We can love our children and hate their behavior, but sometimes the two get entangled. If you look closely, you may realize that disliking your child is more about you than them—because it has to do with your reaction to their behavior.

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Should I Tell My Husband That I Snooped On His Texts?

Your son may be a little more insecure living with a man who doesn’t enjoy his company (when his father has already abandoned him) and so he needs adult support more than some others. I wouldn’t tell your husband that you snooped on his texts. But I think you would all benefit from some counseling.

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