I Want A Baby So Bad It Hurts

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Why Do I Want A Baby So Badly?

Why Do I Want a Baby So Bad? 1 You’ve recently had a pregnancy "scare" that made you realize you were more ready for motherhood than you thought. 2 You’ve lost your focus. 3 Maybe you’re filling your desire for change with the idea of having a baby. … 4 All of your friends are having babies. … 5 You just really want a baby!

Is It Bad That I Want A Boyfriend?

There are countless reasons out there for wanting a boyfriend. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a boyfriend, but you should try to make sure it’s for the right reasons. For example, if you’re just trying to replace your ex-boyfriend so you don’t feel lonely anymore, you should probably wait.

Should Young People Rush Into Having A Baby?

Even if you know you want children someday, most young people can stand to not rush into a baby choice, especially when you are at very high fertility and likely to conceive rapidly. Are you financially and socially stable?

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