Men In Black Age Appropriate

Men in black age appropriateThe central premise of MEN IN BLACK is that aliens have been living among us for years, monitored and controlled by a secret government.

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Men In Black Age Appropriate

With lots of swearing and some moderate violence, we feel ‘Men In Black’ should be suitable for kids aged eight and over, depending on your attitudes to regular cursing. Violence: 3/5 (nothing too gory but some violent moments are seen on camera in close-up)

What Do You Need To Know About Men In Black?

Marlboro cigarettes, Gold’s Gym, Bloomingdale’s, Ford. A running joke shows a species of small, slimy, highly literate insects as heavy smokers. Parents need to know that comic mayhem and gross-out creatures from other planets define Men in Black. Scary creatures and life-threatening situations are frequent.

What Is The Rating For Men In Black?

men in black is one of the best sci-fi movies ever but the movie has some violence and some language used. Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for language, sexual humor, and gory sci-fi violence.

Is Men In Black A Good Movie For Kids?

What’s so original about Men in Black is its unpredictable tone. Teens will love the combination of irreverent humor, great chase sequences, and gross-out special effects. Many kids particularly enjoy the over-the-top alien bad guys as they saunter around the countryside wreaking mayhem.

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