Negative Exploitation By The Media Of Sports Personalities

How does the media influence the public opinion of sports

How Does The Media Influence Sport Personality Types?

The media is often the public’s only source of information, with regards to topics such as sport personalities. Therefore, society is led to believe only what media outputs. This can create a false image of certain sport figures. For example, the media can portray positive or negative behaviors, which in turn can influence its viewer’s opinions.

Are Professional Athletes Being Exploited By The Media?

Sport stars are more often than before being put in the spot light and being exploited. For example, athletes such as: Herschelle Gibbs, Oscar Pistorius and Caster Semenya. The media is constantly exploring for controversial topics to expose.

Does The Media Have A Positive Effect On Sport?

The media can have both a positive and negative effect on sport. Consider the inspiring images from the Paralympic Games and how they change people’s perception of people with disabilities in our society.

What Is An Example Of Negative Media Attention To A Sports Personality?

The extreme example of negative media attention to a sports personality would be the treatment of boxing champion Jack Johnson. I leave it to readers to discover the uniquely American treatment of such a person.

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