Rascal And Friends Training Pants

Rascal friends premium disposable training pants

Rascal And Friends Training Pants


Count 18
Size 4T-5T
Disposable Baby Diaper Type Pull Up
Brand Rascal + Friends

Sep 2 2021

Where To Buy Rascal And Friends Diapers?

Rascal + Friends diapers, training pants and sensitive wipes are made with no nasties, just love. Designed with premium features to help keep leaks contained and fight poonamis. Rascal + Friends have got your rascal bums covered! Available exclusively at Walmart. Unisex, Sizes 5,6, 36-42 count.

Why Choose Rascal + Friends?

Designed and developed for premium performance at affordable prices, Rascal + Friends have got your rascal bums covered! Tested by real families themselves, our diaper is absorbent, soft and helps hold in the explosions. New! Thick and soft, our wipes are perfect for cleaning up those little (and not so little) rascal messes!

What Makes Our Training Pants So Special?

Make change-time easier with our premium training pants. Made with an extra stretchy waistband, easy-tear sides and resealable tab, they’re perfect for your jumping junior. Thick + strong but ultra gentle on rascal skin, our sensitive wipes are dermatologically certified, pH balanced and fragrance free.

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Where Can I Buy A Rascal Bum?

Rascal + Friends have got your rascal bums covered! Available exclusively at Walmart. Unisex, Sizes 5,6, 36-42 count.

What Are The Training Pants Made Of?

The training pants are made of 100% cotton panels with an absorbent interlining for the inevitable leak. A covered elastic waistband is comfortable and easy for small hands to pull up and down. Durable, washable, and reusable, these come in three sizes (18 months, 2T, and 3T) and are sold in packs of three.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloth Training Pants?

When you opt for cloth training pants, your child will be able to feel if he or she has gone to the bathroom, which allows them to communicate accidents. More Protection —Training pants feel like soft, comfortable undies but are much more protective and durable.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Training Pants?

Making your own training pants costs around $3.50 a pair. So, why not make your own cloth training pants at home? Here are a few different options on DIY cloth training pants. Here’s a wonderful Step-by-Step on Making Homemade Cloth Training Pants from It’s a Long Story.

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What Kind Of Training Pants Should I Buy For My Child?

Waterproof or plastic training pants are made for accidents and leaks, so they can handle all those oopsie moments while you’re mid-training. Make sure that, when you make the switch from diapers, you’re choosing only soft, comfortable training pants—you don’t want your child to reject them because they are irritating or fit poorly.

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