What To Do With Baby Clothes That No Longer Fit

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What To Do With Baby Clothes That No Longer Fit

Places to Sell Used Baby Clothes

  1. Online Consignment. The internet has made it easier than ever to sell your unwanted baby clothes!
  2. Consignment Shops. Consignment basically means letting someone else sell something for a cut of the profit.
  3. Yard Sales. Another option is holding your own yard sale or finding a community yard sale to join.
  4. Social Media.

How Do You Store Your Outgrown Baby Clothes?

Find a spot to store your outgrown baby clothes. I’m keeping ours in a corner of our unfinished basement. Basements, attics, storage rooms, and garages are all popular storage spaces. I created a set of free printable kids’ clothing labels you can use to label your storage bags by size.

How Do I Choose The Right Clothes For My Baby?

From spit-ups to blowouts, your baby may go through multiple outfits a day — which means more laundry. Keep in mind that fabrics like cotton, while comfortable, are prone to shrinkage, so it may be wise to go up a size. Shop in person.

Is It Better To Size Up Or Down When Buying Baby Clothes?

It may seem like common sense to buy the “Newborn” size for your newborn, but it’s actually smarter to size up (slightly). On average, “Newborn” clothes only fit babies up to 8 pounds — which for most babies, doesn’t last that long (and some babies even enter the world larger than that!).

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How To Save Money On Baby Clothes?

Baby clothes is an area that you can go wild and spend lots of money or save money by going basic and realistic. Who cares if your baby wears the same outfit each week or same sleeper at night. They won’t remember and people don’t see your baby everyday. Buying less clothes is more money in your pocket.

How To Choose The Right Baby Clothes Sizes?

In baby clothes sizes for 0-3 months, it is highly preferred to purchase single bodysuits or one-piece clothing that can be extended. Larger sizes can be used later in life as well.

How To Buy Clothes For Your Newborn Baby?

Here are some essential tips that will help you buy clothes for your newborn baby: 1. Give Priority to Comfort While buying clothes for your baby, make sure you pick light, cotton fabric clothes. Babies have sensitive skin which can easily get irritated if they wear synthetic or clothes made of rough fabric.

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How To Choose The Best Daytime Clothes For A Baby?

One-piece pyjamas also make great daytime clothing for a baby. These are comfortable and your baby would wear it with ease. Blanket sleepers are being by preferred by most parents today. Blanket sleepers are a safer and practical alternative to the usual blankets for babies. So go ahead and buy one for your little one.

How To Choose The Right Clothes For Your Baby During Winter?

During winter months avoid bundling your baby in too many layers of clothing to prevent overheating. For the summer and rainy season, cotton clothes may be your best bet. In case you feel that the temperature is slightly cold, you can always opt for layering.

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