When Other Parents Are Jealous Of Your Kid

If your child is jealous the reason might be you compared

When Other Parents Are Jealous Of Your Kid

Jealousy in children usually arises when the parent’s love and affection get divided with the arrival of a sibling. Fascinatingly, jealousy in children is usually associated more with the mother since many young children tend to be closer to the mother.

Do Most Parents Understand Jealousy?

Most parents understand jealousy. Either their child is jealous, or else they have experienced jealousy themselves as children. And no, you don’t need to have a sibling to feel jealous. I know many only children who are jealous; they can’t handle their parents paying attention to any other child.

How Do You Deal With A Jealous Child?

The truth is, for a jealous person, no amount of attention is “enough”. A parent can help their child see that jealousy is an eternally hungry monster. The way forward is for the child to see that she is being unreasonable when she makes demands beyond a point, and for the parent to help her accept her emotion and find happiness by managing it.

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Is It Normal For A Child To Be Jealous Of Siblings?

Jealousy is common in children, and it is one of the most unpleasant feelings a child could experience. A jealous child could fear that they are losing love and attention from their parents or caregivers. This may result in anxiety and anger towards siblings or friends who are getting attention.

Are You Jealous Of Your Child’s Relationship With Your Ex?

Here are some tips on how to deal with step-parent jealousy. If you see that your child is developing a positive relationship with your ex’s new spouse, it can cause you to feel jealous. After all, that is your child, not theirs!

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